Job Summary

Job Position – Management Accountant

Work in Perth, Fluent in Mandarin and English, Flexible working hours, need working on weekend, more than 3 years experience

The main responsibility is to analyse the financial information needs of organisations, provide advice on financial planning and risk management, and provide management with reports to assist in decision-making. To provide insight into cost performance and support the implementation of benchmarking and improvement initiatives.
• Participate in preparing department budget and implementing cost and expense control, business accounting, analysis and assessment. Ensure relevant departments to reduce consumption and save cost in order to improve economic efficiency.
• Responsible for analysing company’s financial position and operating condition based on the financial reports and implementing the accounting review for the legal documents and preparing analysis reports for the management team.
• Analyse cost, sales revenues and profits according to product categories, gain a deep insight into cost performance and provide internal financial management reports to management team to assist in decision-making
• Inventory Management: Corporate with Purchasing and Production Department and coordinate with other relevant teams to make inventory physical counts regularly to make sure the accuracy of inventory measurement.
• Set relevant financial policies and process to reduce and control financial risks and make sure the financial healthy.
• To ensure that month-end GL reconciliations are performed timely and accurately
• Contact the Chinese supplier to ensure that month-end GL reconciliations is performed timely and accurately

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